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How do you deal with...bullying?

This is something I need a lot of help with...

I recently left another LJ community as I commented on a post about how Pro-Choice celebrities are always in the news for THEIR efforts, but I asked, why are the Pro-Life NOT covered in the media? There are a few prominent celebrities who ARE, yet their efforts go unnoticed. The freedom to speak our minds is SUPPOSED to be a two way street, right?

Apparently, I was met with a LOT of small minded people who kept yelling that I was 'anti-choice' and I didn't care about what happened to the baby after they were born. I got upset, posted the REAL definition of tolerance, and decided to leave the community because of how I was treated.

Now, what are we supposed to do when we're faced with angry mobs like that? How are we going to stay calm without acting as horrible as them while standing up for our beliefs? I hate confrontation, which is why I try to stay silent a lot of times, but there are cases where I need to stand up for it.

Any advice?
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