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A few thoughts i had on why the pro-life message is failing

I think it is failing because it has been taken over by the religious right when in reality there are many non-religious people who don't believe in it as well and they feel excluded. Also, so many women seeking an abortion see nothing bu shamming and accusing from many pro-lifers. Plus, many people who say they are pro-life seem against helping those women after they have they baby. There are accusations of getting pregnant on purpose to collect a check or not knowing how to close their legs. Do any of those people think that those kinds of statements help the pro-life movement. Also, why are we not holding men accountable for the need for abortions. How many stories I have been told were the guy said get an abortion or we are done? Where have we gone wrong in the way our men are being raised to be reckless and not stand up to the consequences of their actions? I think it is failing because there is not grace or compassion. It is failing because it all about judgment on womankind, not mankind as a whole.
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