Marauder The Slash Nymph, NEW MOM (marauderthesn) wrote in feminists4life,
Marauder The Slash Nymph, NEW MOM

Donating to crisis pregnancy centers

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you all how easy and cheap it can be to donate to a crisis pregnancy center. I just started doing it in the last couple of weeks when I realized that Birthright was within walking distance of my apartment.

Though some baby stuff can cost a substantial amount of money, you can find low-priced stuff if you look at what clothes are on clearance. I bought a baby sweatshirt and onesie on clearance at Target for about two bucks each. I also got five pairs of tiny little Christmas-themed baby socks for five dollars. "Donating to a crisis pregnancy center" sounds like something huge, expensive, and time-consuming, but sometimes you just need a few bucks (or pounds or Euros or whatever) to provide baby supplies for people who really need them.

Actually donating the stuff wasn't hard either. I just found the address, walked in, said I had donation stuff, and the lady behind the desk said "Oh, thank you so much!" and took it. Considering the approaching holidays and the fact that it's really, really cold in some places right now, please think about sparing a few dollars every week or so and donating to a crisis pregnancy center. It's totally not hard and it means a girl or woman will look at the stuff you bought and feel a sense of hope and relief. Yay. :D
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