Marauder The Slash Nymph, NEW MOM (marauderthesn) wrote in feminists4life,
Marauder The Slash Nymph, NEW MOM

Baby hats!

Making a bunch of baby hats for Birthright - they're the first hats I've ever made, so I took pictures. Here are the first forty-eight.
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Those are beautiful! I'm stunned at how many you've made. Wow.
I just sort of got really into them and kept going because I got excited about all the different yarn combinations and stuff. Plus it's nice to be able to accomplish something tangible for unborn babies - you finish the hat, you can hold it and say, "I made this hat." :)
Awww...what pattern did you use? They don't look too difficult.
Yeah, they're pretty easy - it was a pattern in this "baby knits" book my mom has. All you need to know in order to do it is knit, purl, decrease stitches, and sew the seam together at the end. These are the first things I've done with decreasing stitches, so very big deal for me. :D