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There are two requirements for acceptance into this community, that one would think were obvious:

You must be pro-life.

You must be a feminist.

We're not going to make you sign an affidavit, but if you don't fall into BOTH of these categories you'll just find yourself disagreeing with everyone and leave on your own.

If you are a member of any pro-choice communities, and do not mention in your userinfo or elsewhere that you are actually pro-life, your request to join will be denied. Apparently this was not obvious to the left half of the LJ Bell curve, so I have to mention it here.

Pro-life does not mean that "pro-life but pro-choice" crap. You must think that abortion is a bad thing, that in a perfect world it would be nonexistant, and that it should not be a constitutionally protected right.

Feminist is more difficult to define, and what it includes is open to debate here, except, of course, for the idea that one cannot care about both women and fetuses. That's kind of the point of this community.
Whether you simply believe that women are just as important as men or you're offended by my spelling of the word "women" and LJ's use of the term "rule of thumb," if you join this community you should at least agree with the statement "I am a feminist" and not be afraid to say it.

If you're a new member, you're encouraged to introduce yourself and preferably give a brief explanation of why you are pro-life and a feminist. Don't be a lazy lurker! Say something!